Hi, I am Darlene Roy-Johnson and I’d like to welcome you to Kalina Quest Coaching & Development.  Our quest is to provide world class coaching and development to leaders and teams to accelerate their development, ensure smooth transitions, and enhance their long term success.

Who we work with…


With more than two decades of learning and development experience and working with thousands of leaders across the globe, we help team leaders expand their impact with new or existing teams.

   Our Clients…

  • Identify team leader core essentials

  • Accelerate team leader development

  • Optimize and sustain team leader performance

  • Enhance virtual team leadership skills

  • Expand team leader’s impact across the organization

  • Maximize ROI of leadership development


We work with organizations in the public and private sectors to substantially improve their team’s performance – long term rather than for a short, momentary blip (aka- quick fix!)

   Our Clients…

  • Enhance their team’s engagement level

  • Accelerate their team's development

  • Streamline their team’s process and procedures

  • Amplify team accountability

  • Maintain sustainable performance

  • Expand their teams impact across the organization

  • Maximize the ROI of team development



  • Over two decades of coaching and development experience

  • Experts in developing new and current leaders and teams

  • Provide both core and advanced development programs

  • Incorporate the most innovative tools & techniques into our programs

  • Dedicated coach to every team during our advanced development programs

  • Provide measurable return on your investment, both tangible and intangible

  • Sneak in lots of fun along the way!