Our team assessments provide leaders and teams with the self-awareness they need to continue their upward mobility and success. This self-awareness includes how to...

  • relate to others when they are at their best

  • use their unique qualities and strengths

  • resolve interpersonal conflict on the job

  • meet the interpersonal needs that drive their behavior and shape their ability to build trust

  • Assessments include:  DiSC, FIRO-B, Hogan, MBTI, PCSI, TKI, 360 Profilor, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and more.

As a team leader or team member, you need to gain skills to influence others, build the performance of your team, or gain cooperation and support of your peers.  During these workshops, you will learn the essential competencies needed to build great relationships with others.  Here are four examples:  

  • Communication Courage and Clarity: Develop the skills to voice your concerns about critical issues your team needs to know.

  • Groundwork for Building Successful Relationships: Improve the performance of your teams and leaders through insight into interpersonal needs and behavior.

  • Feedback Success:  How to give and receive difficult feedback.

  • Team Meeting Revitalization:  Top strategies to ensure every meeting is a success for both you and your team.

Professional leadership or team coaching is one of the most powerful ways to increase a leader’s or team's effectiveness. This is achieved through individual and team coaching.  Why is it powerful?  Because it’s an exciting journey where leaders and teams…

  • Gain fresh perspectives on their leadership or team challenges

  • Enhance their decision making skills

  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness

  • Expand their confidence

  • Improve their productivity

  • Attain their most important goals