"Darlene is a very insightful individual who has the ability to look through all the clutter and drive down to the important issues that need to be addressed. She is meticulous with detail, creative in crafting the right message to her clients, and is able to impact positive change based on the detail she gathers when working with individuals or corporations. Her knowledge of training and development is superior to other facilitators I have engaged and is always exploring new ways to enhance her professional skills. I do not hand out professional recommendations easily, but I would recommend Darlene to anyone who is seeking someone with her skill sets." (Gary S.)

"I have worked with Darlene on a number of Learning and Development projects. I found Darlene to be extremely knowledgeable in her field and highly supportive to everyone she worked with.  Darlene can be depended upon for honest views and collaboration in all types of work.  She is creative in her thinking, and highly skilled especially in the application of coaching.  She managed and led leadership teams through a Team Effectiveness programme with success and where positive feedback was realised. She drives for excellence across all aspects of L & D and continues to adapt her style to incorporate leading edge concepts. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Darlene again. "  (Claire J.)

"For three years I worked with Darlene at Cummins Power Generation and during this time I observed her strong passion for learning and development shine bright. She utilized her deep understanding of varying learning styles to enhance our organization’s existing programs as well as established new development programs to address key leadership needs. Her hard work and dedication helped to achieve an over 95% global completion rate in Cummins Core Curriculum training and laid the framework to ensure sustained completion for years to come. Darlene brought an extremely positive energy to learning and development and the HR function as a whole and was an outstanding part of our team."  (Tom S.)

"My relationship with Darlene began when I volunteered as a facilitator for the Cummins Core Curriculum Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program which she developed. As a whole, I found this program to be very well thought out and followed a systematic approach which provided a novice facilitator a basic foundational tool set and an increased level of self-awareness. Initially, she held a one-on-one meeting with me to determine if I was a good fit for the program by discussing my development goals and ensuring that I was willing and able to commit the time required. Next, I participated in a Presentation/Facilitation Skills workshop facilitated by Darlene. To this day, I believe this to be one of the most value added workshops I’ve attended in my 10 years at Cummins. We were able to have a Master Facilitator, Darlene, teach us skills, tips, and strategies for facilitating in a format where we were able to watch her put those same tools to use in real-time. For the final component of the program, I facilitated my first session with Darlene as a silent observer. After the session, Darlene met with me and provided detailed feedback on my performance and provided a copy of the feedback to my manager. As I stated, Darlene is a Master Facilitator; since the first workshop, I’ve had the pleasure of observing her facilitate several other workshops and each time I was impressed with the ease at which she keeps the crowd engaged but on topic. She is able to identify different personality types and utilize different approaches accordingly and also guide their interactions with each other to be more productive. She creates an atmosphere where the participants feel free to contribute ideas and thoughts freely, but guides the participants with strategic questions such that they self-redirect if they stray too far from the discussion point. Her level of skill makes what is a very difficult job appear natural and effortless. I have learned a great deal from Darlene and I hope for the opportunity to learn more from her in the future."  (Tim B.)

"Darlene worked with me as a life/business coach for an extended period of time, and through some major life changes and challenges.  She possessed the unique ability to  keep me honest with myself, while pushing me to think bigger and differently when I was truly stuck.  Her ability to listen and discern the issues I was dealing with helped set me up for success both personally and professionally. She helped me to get where I really wanted to be, and helped me map a path forward for the next chapter in my life.  I highly recommended Darlene.  She is grounded and gracious, yet willing to push and challenge when you need it most. "  (Kim B.)


"I just want to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful learning experience I had at the recent workshop presentation given by Darlene Roy-Johnson.  It was on the work of author Shrizad Chamine who wrote the book Positive Intelligence.  Darlene was not only very knowledgable in the subject-matter, she conveyed the information in a very engaging and interactive way to all of the attendees.  She has a very open and authentic style with friendly positive energy in her presentation of the material.  She was very adept at facilitating the group conversation. She drew people out to contribute through thought provoking questions and wonderful humor. Her interactive exercises were fun, very insightful and helpful too!  Darlene was very respectful of everyone’s time by pacing the workshop to cover all the material in a timely manner and concluding the meeting on time without being rushed. I learned many useful insights about myself and took away very helpful tools I can use and apply going forward with my job-seeking clients. I would highly recommend her as an excellent facilitator and presenter. I look forward to attending other presentations given by her in the future."  (Jodi H.)